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ESL-Intensive Accounting (1920)
ESL-Medical Office Assistant (1920)
ESL W/Computerized Applications (1536)
Comprehensive ESL (1152)
Intensive ESL (768)
English 100 (288)
English 200 (288)
English 300 (288)
English As A 2nd Language (ESL) 100 (384)
English As A 2nd Language (ESL) 101 (384)
English As A 2nd Language (ESL) 102 (384)

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Computerized Accounting Assistant (1536)
Medical Administrative Assistant (1536)
Accounting W/Computer Applications (1152)
Medical Office Assistant (1152)
Computerized Applications (768)
Computer and Design Application (CDA) (1152)
Computer Networking and Security (656)

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