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I firmly believe that life is a two-way mirror. A retrospective view teaches us who and what we are - our genes, our physical makeup. The rest is intangible and can be developed to any degree that we desire and are able to comprehend.

Attitude, love, respect for others as well as self, can open doors of fulfillment that staggers the imagination.

The New York Institute of English and Business is a reflection of the life that I dared to dream since childhood. In gazing through the "looking glass," I am dedicated to building a creative environment that nurtures personal and professional growth.The training you receive at the Institute today will turn into tomorrow's opportunity as programs and courses are geared to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's technology. Furthermore, you will receive the necessary individual attention through academic advisement, career guidance and a full complement of educational support services. We are committed to being the place to learn, the place to grow, and the place to achieve full academic satisfaction. You will get the practical knowledge and training that will accelerate your career advancement so that you can immediately apply your skills in the marketplace in less time than traditional colleges or universities.

School is an adventure that broadens the student's horizons and possibilities for the future. It is also one of life's greatest treasures and privileges. I am prepared to offer not just an education, but a particular quality of education that will result in a commitment to excellence such as that embodied by the Institute's faculty, administration, and staff.

Leith E. Yetman



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