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Founded in 1979, the mission of New York Institute of English and Business is to meet the needs of its diverse student body, to equip them with entry level office skills as well as a good academic foundation. These programs, routinely updated to meet the needs of the modern job market, are designed to enable graduates to meet the challenges necessary to succeed academically and professionally in a culturally wide-ranging and technologically-oriented society.  Through the personal attention of our faculty and staff, we engage our students in a learner-centered setting and offer opportunities to prepare for the challenges of working in a vibrant professional environment.

To achieve its goals the Institute is committed to:

  • To provide student-centered curriculum and instruction to enhance job skills for positions in computer-oriented business environment, in accounting and in medical office administration.

  • To provide students whose first language is not English with English Language proficiency needed to function in the workplace or for academic mobility.

  • To serve employers by providing them with quality graduates who are trained in the best practices and skills in their chosen career.

  • In addition, programs are structured to provide students with a thorough understanding of their career paths as we prepare them for entry-level positions.



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