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Disclosure statement: The student should be aware that some information in the catalog may change.  It is recommended that students considering enrollment check with the school director to determine if there is any change from the information provided in the catalog.  In addition, a catalog will contain information on the school’s teaching personnel and courses/curricula offered.  Please be advised that the State Education Department separately licenses all teaching personnel and independently approves all courses and curricula offered.  Therefore, it is possible that courses/curricula listed in the school’s catalog may not be approved at the time that a student enrolls in the school or the teaching personnel listed in the catalog may have changed.  It is again recommended that the student check with the school director to determine if there are any changes in the courses/curricula offered or the teaching personnel listed in the catalog.

Disclosure statement – College Credit

NYIEB offers curricula measured in clock hours, not credit hours.  Certificates of completion, ie, school diplomas, are issued to students who meet clock hour requirements.  The granting of any college credit to students who participated in and/or completed a program at NYIEB is solely at the discretion of the institution of higher learning that the student may opt to subsequently attend.

Student Graduation, Retention and Placement Rates


The institution’s annual retention rate and number of graduates/completers as reported for the past 3 academic years are as follows:

                             No of Grads              Retention Rates       Placement Rates


2019-2020                 278                             78%                       **

2018-2019                 232                             85%                       **

2017-2018                 183                             80%                       **

**NYIEB graduates in the above reporting periods are ineligible for authorized work in the United States.

New York City
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